CESUN 2023 Call for Papers

CESUN 2023 Call for Papers

November 6-7, 2023 | Evanston, Illinois, USA | Northwestern University

Northwestern University will host the 9th International Engineering Systems Symposium (CESUN 2023) November 6-7, 2023 in Evanston, Illinois.

9th International Engineering Systems Symposium: CESUN 2023

November 6-7, 2023 | Evanston, Illinois, USA

Program Chairs: Erica Gralla and Jitesh Panchal

Local Chairs: Wei Chen and Brian Uzzi

The great engineering achievements of recent decades have led to the development and growth of vast systems that are so highly complex that they create problems unlike those with which engineers have traditionally grappled. Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the role of humans in complex systems, information and socio-political landscapes are rapidly evolving, and massive challenges like climate change require the concerted efforts of multiple disciplines. The complexity of the challenges is no longer limited to technical aspects: engineers must now face social, economic, and political complexities. Over the past few decades, Engineering Systems has emerged as an interdisciplinary field of study to address these unexpected challenges in complex systems such as energy, communications, transportation, health care, and many others.

CESUN is, at its core, about bringing to bear engineering knowledge and leveraging the increased availability of data to address the great challenges posed by large-scale, interconnected, and therefore highly complex and dynamic, socio-technical systems. The Ninth International Engineering Systems Symposium (CESUN 2023) seeks to bring together researchers from multiple domains and methodological backgrounds who share a common interest in tackling complex sociotechnical systems problems. We welcome submissions on any traditional CESUN topic, but particularly encourage work that speaks to a crosscutting theme, such as:

  • Complex systems design, operation, and evolution
  • Humans in engineering systems
  • Systems in the societal context
  • Technology management and policy
  • AI/ML in engineering systems
  • Engineering systems education
  • Methodological advances in engineering systems

Many application areas are welcome, including but not limited to health care, infrastructure, supply chains, energy, transportation, and technology development.

Submission Process:

All contributions must be received by June 9, 2023. There are two options for submission:

  • Extended Abstracts (2-3 pages, IEEE format) for oral presentations.
  • Regular Abstracts (~250 words) for poster presentations.

Extended abstracts should include preliminary results. They will be peer reviewed to be considered for oral presentations during the symposium. Submissions not selected for oral presentation will still be considered for poster presentation.

Regular abstracts should be around 250 words, up to a maximum of 500 words. They will be reviewed for relevance and fit, and considered for slots in the poster session.

All submissions should include full name, affiliation (including both department name and organization name), and email address for all authors.

Awards will be given for Best Presentation and Best Poster, based on a judging committee’s recommendations.

To submit your abstract:

More information about the CESUN 2023 conference: